Australia Visa - How do I apply for the ETA version?

by Dan

Australia Tourist Visa Question

Australia Tourist Visa Question

My family and I are interested in going to Sydney. I need to know what to do for applying for the Australia visas for all of us. I'm not sure if I apply through the mail, or is it only electronic?

It looks like it might be hard to figure out so I was needing to know if anyone else has done the ETA. And if so was it a big mess or easy? Thank you very much.


Hi Dan,

If you are going to Australia as tourists they have a system set up that is online only. It is called ETA which stands for Electronic Travel Authority. To get started, go to our Australia Visa Travel Guide and make sure you have all of the requirements. You will be able to start the online application there as well.

Just follow each step of the guide and there shouldn't be any problem. Once you submit your information electronically, they will have your information stored so you won't need to get a physical visa. Let me know if you need any more help.

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