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2012 Brazil Visa Services

brazil visa information and reviewsBrazil visa information and requirements on how to get a visa to Brazil including the option of using an expedite service. Requirements and online application available as well. Whether you are going for romance or you thirst for a fresh change in culture, nothing beats the magnificence of Brazil.

People watch and relax on the exotic beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Immerse yourself in the urban night scene environment of beautiful Sao Paolo.

You can obtain a visa for Brazil by filling out the application properly the first time around by following all the requirements. Once you take care of these small roadblocks you can concentrate on enjoying your adventure.

Get Your Brazil Visa Application Here

I wish I could tell you applying for a Brazil visa is the easiest thing in the world. Unfortunately, it does take some patience and you must be careful to do it exactly right. The Brazil Consulate is well known for rejecting application packages that are missing even just one minor thing.

You will start your Brazil visa application online. Once you are at the Brazil site, click on the "Visa Request". It will step you through, asking for your personal information, passport info and employment details.

Once you are finished, your application will be submitted electronically. This is very need to click the submit button to generate a bar coded page. You will need to submit this bar coded page to the Brazil Consulate. They scan the bar code to match your electronically submitted application.

The Brazil Embassy fee is $160 payable by USPS money order. Processing times vary from 10 business day to 20 business days based on your jurisdiction. If you need your travel document faster then contact one of the visa express services listed below and ask how fast they can get it for you. Or if you are going in person, call ahead of time to inquire about the processing time.

2012 Brazil Visa Requirements

When you embark on your trip you will be required to already have a valid Brazil visa stamped into your passport. You can choose to apply yourself or you can hire a visa expedite company to handle it for you.

  • Be sure to check the CDC website for updates or warnings about possible diseases. You will need to check a few months in advance to make sure you have all the necessary vaccinations or immunizations. If you are traveling with a young child, he or she needs to have their polio vaccine.
  • Check your passport to make sure you have enough blank visa pages left. Usually you would need two blank pages but recently that has changed to needing three blank pages. If you need additional passport pages in a hurry, contact one of the US passport expedite services below.

    Your passport needs to be valid for at least six months after you return from Brazil as well.

  • It is often the case that applications get rejected or delayed because the applicant forgot to put their signature. Do take a minute to make sure your bar coded application and passport both have your signature.
  • One passport-style photograph is required also. You can get a professional quality photo at Walgreens, FedEx Office or the Post Office. In addition, include a copy of your confirmed travel itinerary showing your flight confirmation.
  • It is required to submit a copy of your ID to provide proof of residence. If the address on your ID does not match the address listed on your application, also submit a utility bill with your name and address on it.

Brazil Visa Expedite Services

There are many different visa express services available to expedite visas for Brazil. Take some time to read reviews to make sure you are hiring a reputable company to handle your important travel documents.

I recommend ItsEasy Passport and Visa Services Founded in 1976, ItsEasy Passport & Visa Services is a US Government registered passport and visa expediting company which has processed over 2 million passport and visa applications.

There is also FastPort Passport Visa Service. Since 2003 Fastport has provided online passport and visa expedite service. They are a registered courier service with the U.S. Department of State, foreign consulates and embassies which enables them to secure passports and visas for U.S. citizens nationwide as needed.

Best Time To Visit Brazil

It all depends if you want an exciting, crowded atmosphere or if you would rather have a more relaxing trip. Weather is generally nice all year round. During December through March is when it is the busiest with both locals and tourists enjoying the sunny days.

On the other hand, you have less crowds and still pretty nice weather starting in April. Even during crowded times of the year, there is still a friendly, adventurous feeling in the air. You should be able to thoroughly enjoy your trip regardless of when you go.

Great Places To Visit In Brazil

No vacation to Brazil would be complete without visiting the massive Christ the Redeemer statue. It is one of the most recognized statues in the world and overlooks the gorgeous panorama of Rio de Janeiro.

Ipanema Beach is the most popular and diverse beach in Rio. You can find beautiful people, young crowds having fun, older generations debating, surfing, snorkeling and other beach activities.

Another beach outside of Rio called Ponta Negra is another must see. Have a thrilling time at the outdoor beach clubs right down the street from your hotel. If you have the time, explore the vastness and abundance of life in the Amazon.

Frequently Asked: Brazil Visa FAQ

Is it safe in Brazil? Do I have anything to worry about? There are a few things you need to keep in mind although you should not be afraid or paranoid. When you are in a crowded area you will be safe. But this is also a chance for pickpockets to do what they do. Try to hide your wallet and credit cards under your clothing. The same goes for jewelry. Also do not set down any of your possessions even for a moment. In less crowded areas you should be fine but make sure not to be out in the dark at night without other people around.

How fast do hotels get booked for Carnaval? If you plan on staying in a well apointed hotels with all the bells and whistles, you should be calling within a year of traveling to ask them how soon you can book. Interestingly enough, there are usually plenty of cheap places to stay despite what most people say. If you are on a tight budget, it should not be a problem finding a place to stay.

Brazil Hotel and Tourist Reviews

Looking for a hotel in Rio de Janeiro is no problem. The price range varies wildly depending how luxurious your hotel is. The Copacabana Palace by Orient-Express is the cream of the crop with rooms ranging from $500 to $1,500 a night. If you need a highly-rated yet more affordable alternative try the Windsor Palace Hotel.

When you explore Sao Paulo, there is an abundance of options to choose from. Feel like splurging on an amazing suite? Try the Emiliano Hotel which ranges from $450 to $1,400 a night. On the other hand, if you need to save some money, try the Novotel Sao Paulo Morumbi which has good reviews from other travelers.

Brazil Travel Adventure Tours

The Rio de Janeiro Half-Day Walking Tour provides you with your own guide to educate you on the history of Rio. Some of the highlights included in the tour are visiting the Imperial Palace which housed past emperors. Stop by the beautiful Nossa Senhora de Candelaria church. Followed up by the stunning works at the Sao Bento Monastery.

The Historical Salvador City Tour will take you back into ancient Brazilian times. Explore the entire city with your guide leading the way. Walk around Forte de São Pedro and learn the amazing history behind this once important fort.

Brazil Flight Comparisons

Here is a list below of the airlines that usually fly consistently to and from Brazil. Keep in mind, the list below is for airlines flying from the United States.

When comparing flights, take into consideration how much legroom there is since it will be a long flight. Also compare the total flight time so you can spend more time in Brazil and less in the air. Take a few minutes to check the websites of the airlines listed below as they sometimes will have special promotions going on.

Taca - LAN Airlines - United - US Airways - Continental

Rental Car Options in Brazil

Planning on driving while in Brazil? It's best to stick to companies you are already familiar with. Book your car rental reservation before flying to Brazil so you have a car waiting for you when you get there. Budget, Hertz and Thrifty all operate in Brazil.

Additional Requirements for Brazil Visa

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