Can you recommend a Russia visa service?

by Phillip

Russia Visa Service Recommendation

Russia Visa Service Recommendation

If you could help with this I would be very grateful. I have never applied for a travel visa before and am going to Russia for a tour. I don't live close to one of the Russia consulates. It is too expensive for me to fly to another state just to get a Russia visa so I need to hire a company to do it for me.

I'm worried though, as I understand it I have to send my passport through the mail to the company I use. So I really need to make sure I'm sending it to a reliable professional Russia visa service. There are a ton to pick from online. Not too sure which one to trust. Can you tell me which one you all recommend?


Hi Phillip,

I'll be bluntly honest with you. I really cannot recommend one service over another for Russia visas. The reason being is that there are plenty of companies available that do a good job.

When there is a problem with processing a Russia visa application it is usually because the Consulate workers are being strict and uncompromising about a small matter. Visa services usually look bad because of this in the customer's eyes although it's not actually there fault.

The best thing you could do is choose from one of the companies that appear on Google ads when searching for a Russia visa. It is pretty pricey to advertise for that search term so only real established companies will appear in Google ads for that search.

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