Do I need a visa for Vietnam travel?

Do I need a visa to Vietnam

Do I need a visa to Vietnam

Hi, our group is going to Asia and visit different countries. We are going to be in Hong Kong, then China and after that Vietnam. I know I need to get a Chinese visa but do I also need a visa for Vietnam?




You do in fact need to first get a tourist visa at the consulate of Vietnam. If you are nearby then go there in person. It's actually pretty easy applying for a Vietnam visa. You fill out a simple application, get a 2x2 photo and turn in both with your valid passport.

Click on the Vietnam category to the left on the navigation bar. You will be able to get the application and find out more about traveling there with the easy to use guide.

When you apply, you will have the option of getting a single entry or multiple entry visa. You can also pay a bit more to get faster processing.

You have the option of mailing it in if you cannot go in person. If you need it quickly with a guarantee to get your travel document back in time for your vacation, you should hire a visa expedite service.

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