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Question on Multiple
Entry Visa to Malaysia
 Not rated yet
I am a UK passport holder and I know that I can stay in Malaysia for 3 months without visa for travel purpose. My fiancĂ© is currently working in Malaysia, …

Traveling to Singapore soon, should I be worried? Not rated yet
My wife is originally from Singapore but has not been home in over two decades. We are planning on visiting her family there. But I'm somewhat worried …

Do I need a visa for Vietnam travel? Not rated yet
Hi, our group is going to Asia and visit different countries. We are going to be in Hong Kong, then China and after that Vietnam. I know I need to get …

How long is a China visa good for? Not rated yet
I will be traveling back and forth through China for a year so I need a china multiple entry visa. But I don't know how long I will be staying each time. …

Question on Student Russia visa invitation  Not rated yet
Maybe you can help me learn what the invitation is all about with Russia. I am wanting to get a Russia student visa but not sure what all is required. …

Can you recommend a Russia visa service? Not rated yet
If you could help with this I would be very grateful. I have never applied for a travel visa before and am going to Russia for a tour. I don't live close …

How much is the Brazil visa consulate fee for Canada citizens? Not rated yet
Hello there, it seems there is some conflicting information that I have been seeing around the internet. I assume that some of the information is out of …

Do I need a Thailand multiple entry visa? Not rated yet
I'm going to be visiting several different countries over the course of about two and a half months. Thailand doesn't require a visa if its under a month …

Is it possible to replace an unused India tourist visa? Not rated yet
When I applied for the visa I was planning on going on vacation a few weeks later. But we had a family emergency and it ended up lasting longer than expected …

Do I need a visa for a cruise to Mexico? Not rated yet
I just paid for my cruise to Mexico and didn't even think about it at first. My mom mentioned to me if I had a Mexico visa yet. I told her that it didn't …

Will be staying with friends in Shanghai, what do I need to prove for China visa? Not rated yet
I will be traveling later this year to Shanghai to visit as a tourist. I know a family that live there and they invited me to stay with them. But they …

I am going to Malaysia, do I need multiple entry visa? Not rated yet
Hi just had a quick question about multiple entries for Malaysia. I can't seem to find an answer anywhere else on the web about entering more than once. …

Australia Visa - How do I apply for the ETA version? Not rated yet
My family and I are interested in going to Sydney. I need to know what to do for applying for the Australia visas for all of us. I'm not sure if I apply …

Which jurisdiction am I in to get a visa to India? Not rated yet
I am in college here at Oklahoma but I am originally from Oregon. I am kind of confused by the India application when it's asking about the types of addresses. …

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