How can you get a passport card without RFID?

How can you get a passport card without RFID?

How can you get a passport card without RFID?

Maybe you can help me out with this, I really don't want my passport card to be giving off radio frequency. Isn't that an easy way for criminals to get your personal information? I really don't see the point of this since the passport agency has all your information anyway.

Can I request to them to get one that doesn't have the RFID in it?




As far as I know you cannot opt out of having RFID technology in your new passport card. The electronic chip according to the US Department of State, actually does not contain any of your personal information.

The electronic chip when accessed, only points back to a secure government database where your information is stored. In order to get into that database, you would have to be an authorized federal authority.

Here is what the US Department of State has to say about it: "With RFID technology, Customs and Border Protection inspectors will be able to access photographs and other biographical information stored in secure government databases as the traveler approaches an inspection station. " Read the rest here.

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