How long is a China visa good for?

by Charlie

China Visa Maximum Stay Question

China Visa Maximum Stay Question

I will be traveling back and forth through China for a year so I need a china multiple entry visa. But I don't know how long I will be staying each time.

I want a multiple entry for a year so I don't have to keep re-applying over and over. How long can I stay there each visit? Thanks


Hello Charlie,

Although it is possible to get a multiple entry visa to China, you have to request it when applying. The China consulate does not always grant multiple entries. It is at their discretion whether they will give you one or not.

So you should be prepared with all the requirements needed for applying for a multiple entry to prove that you need one. As far as how long you can stay there each time...assuming you are approved, you will be able to stay no longer than 30 days each time.

China allows only a maximum of 30 days stay regardless of how many entries your visa allows.

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