If I were to get a passport for someone


If I were to get a passport for someone

If I were to get a passport for someone

Hi, really needing to know if it is at all possible to apply for a passport on someone else's behalf. My cousin made a dumb mistake when he was younger and went to jail for it. He is now getting out of jail soon. Even though he is an american citizen, most of our family is in France. He wants to desperately go to see them when he gets out but we're not so sure about getting a passport with his background and all., thx



Hello, well this can get complicated depending on what he was originally convicted of. If he was convicted of a crime that had to due with forgery of travel documents then your cousin will hit a road block there.

There is also the possibility of court orders in effect. Also if your cousin is on probation or parole then there will be restrictions on travel.

Assuming he is cleared to get a US passport, he may still potentially run into problems with France. They could decide to deny him entry.

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