Is it possible to replace an unused India tourist visa?

by Jeremy
(South Carolina)

India tourist visa replacement

India tourist visa replacement

When I applied for the visa I was planning on going on vacation a few weeks later. But we had a family emergency and it ended up lasting longer than expected for things to get back to normal. Now that we are ready to go to India, we don't want to have to pay for new ones since we never went on vacation.

Is it possible that they would replace our expired tourist visas with new ones? I hope they don't want us to pay again. I'm thinking if we notify them of the situation we had that they would waive the fee since we never used the original visas. What do you think?


Hi Jeremy,

As far as I know you will unfortunately have to pay the full amount for new tourist visas. I am sure that some consulates of some countries would waive the fee to replace the expired with valid visas.

But the India consulate usually is not willing to make exceptions for anyone. You can still try but most likely they will not care and will require you to pay again. Sorry to break the bad news.

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