Sagrada Família
Must See Barcelona

Sagrada Família Barcelona

Sagrada Família Barcelona

If you view the architectural brilliance throughout the Spanish city of Barcelona first hand you will no doubt be able to see why it is regarded by many as the cultural capital of Spain. If you are visiting the city for it's art and culture there is likely to be one name on your lips, Antoni Gaudí. Of course, not the only artist who have left his mark on Barcelona, he is however, responsible for producing some of the most staggering works you'll ever witness in your lifetime.

During your stay at Barcelona if there is any one thing you do it is visit Gaudí's Sagrada Família. There are few buildings in the world like the Sagrada Família and the only real way to see why is to visit for yourself. It is like a church like no other, whilst not built a cathedral was to be a similar size, however the stunning vision behind the construction was not based on the sheer scale, but rather the story it has to tell. And a story, long in the making it is too with construction starting in 1882 and not expected to be completed until 2026.

Gaudi's Vision

When Gaudí was brought onto the construction a year after it began in 1883, he envisaged 18 spires, representing the twelve Apostles, four Evangelists, Mary and Jesus Christ, the tallest of them. In addition it was to be constructed with three grand façades, with immense detail unlike anything you've seen before, representing different stories from the bible, the Nativity, the Passion and the Glory.

The basilica was to be one of the greatest artworks telling one of the most well-known stories in Spain, if not the world. The intricate and grand construction continued within and can be seen within the Latin Cross design and almost organic, plant like columns which stretch up into sunlight drenched ceiling.

Construction Delays

Even though the Sagrada Família was not the largest Basilica, it's intricacy and detail contributed to its lengthy construction time. Gaudí once famously remarked that “my client is not in a hurry”, indicating his commitment to his vision over the fleeting notion of time. Time however won over Gaudí who died in 1926 with his creation only about 15% complete. Since then many have committed themselves to the artistic vision of the production, but construction was halted several times by the Spanish Civil War and other civil unrest.

However, renewed faith in the project within the last decade has seen more money and resources invested, in addition to the utilising of the modern day construction techniques which will see construction complete hundreds of years before Gaudí's initial estimate.

Convenient Access

Located in the heart of Barcelona moments away from the Avinguda Diagonal and Carrer d'Arago, and two subway stations, the Sagrada Família is easily accessible via either bus, taxi, subway or foot If you're staying close by. Because of the scale and grandeur of it's design, it is a great lure to tourists and visitors to the city and as such it can get very busy. Getting there early can ensure that you won't be held up by large queues and more importantly you can take photos without having to content with hundreds of other sight-seers.

There are many hotels in Barcelona, ideally located along the Avinguda Diagonal and can easily gain access to the Sagrada Família and the rest of the central Barcelona for that matter. Hotel Husa Wilson, a boutique located within walking distance of Gaudí's masterpiece and the other sites in city. If you are wowed by the Sagrada Família during your visit – and there is not reason to believe you won't – then you should check out Park Güell another marvellous creation by Gaudí which displays his unique style and approach to architecture unlike any other.

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