The Essential Travel Checklist for a Stag Party Celebration Abroad

Stag Party Celebration Abroad

Stag Party Celebration Abroad

Stag weekends abroad have become increasingly popular in recent years and it isn't difficult to see why. Taking a fairly cheap trip to a foreign city such as Prague or Budapest is a great way to enjoy somewhere a bit different and therefore make sure that your stag night is as memorable as possible.

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There is much to be said for going abroad to celebrate your last nights as a free man. The culture is often a lot more relaxed, with cheaper drinks, better clubs and much else on offer to appeal to the hedonist within.


In order to make sure that your stag weekend away is as successful as possible, there is a basic checklist of things to arrange before you go and while you are there. The first of these is obviously choosing your destination. A big city is a must if you're looking for a vibrant nightlife and the major cities of Eastern Europe have garnered a great reputation for this in recent years. They are also renowned for their low prices, especially in those countries where the euro has not yet been adopted. Among the most popular destinations in this region are Prague in the Czech Republic, Budapest in Hungary and Krakow in Poland.

Daytime Plans

Once you have chosen your desired city, it is then important to make plans for your time there, especially during the days, to make sure that you don't get bored just waiting for the evenings to come round. Most stag weekends abroad only last for a couple of days in order to keep costs down and some of that time will be spent recovering from the nights before. But there will be periods when you will want to keep yourself and your guests occupied.

In most large cities there is always plenty going on and if you haven't visited them before there are usually a range of tourist sites to see, along with shopping centres and bars and cafes to pass the time. It is important, though, to research what's on offer to make sure you make the most of your time away and don't get bored.

After Dark

Once the days have come to an end, though, the real focus of the stag party begins – the night out. When choosing your accommodation, it is important to pick a hotel or apartment near to the main hotspots, so that you can guarantee that there will be plenty of venues to cater to your needs nearby, ideally within walking distance. A decent restaurant is a good place to start and from there you can move on to bars and pubs in the vicinity.

Sticking to smaller bars that don't usually cater to tourists and opting for local drinks are good tips for keeping costs down. It is also best to decide on a final destination in advance, a nightclub, for example, so that once you've had a few drinks, you will all still end up in the same place.

What makes a great stag weekend is the people you spend it with, but you can make it even more enjoyable and memorable by choosing to travel abroad. If you do decide on a foreign destination, however, a bit of forward planning can go a long way in guaranteeing that your stag do will be a great trip and won't be quickly forgotten.

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by: Rogers

Any big moments for celebration, a couple have joined together for stag party, and the whole process can be really very exciting and enjoyable. However, the process that leads up this joyous day generally isn't and there are so many things to organize and arrange that stag party. And are not only becoming more expensive, but also more stressful and more draining.
I saw some of the sites who gave knowledge about stag party is

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