Top 12 Practical Tips
for a Careless Holiday

Practical Tips for a Careless Holiday

Practical Tips for a Careless Holiday

The holiday season is coming and all travel lifestyle fans are starting to pack their bags and dream about sandy beaches and beautiful ancient cities. But before you head in to the airport, settle down some important issues to ensure great holidays without any headache!

1. If you are heading to an exotic destination, make sure you have all the necessary vaccinations, unless you want to bring home an exotic disease along with nice souvenirs. If you are traveling with your pet, then make sure he has all the papers and vaccines as well.

2. If your pet stays at home, find a reliable person who will take a good care of your little friend while you are away. Also ask that person to water your flowers and take care of the mailbox.

3. Make a copy of all your travel documents and put them in your hand bag. Thus you will ensure a quick and smooth document recovery in case your baggage is lost.

4. Don’t forget to check the validity of your passport and all visas (in case you need them). You if you live a nomad lifestyle and travel a lot, then passport is your nr.1 value and you should take good care of it.

5. If you do not want to spoil your holidays with endless calls from the office, make sure you have finished all your work projects and instructed your colleagues about all the force major situation which may happen in your absence. Don’t forget to tell them how they can reach you in case your personal advice is needed.

6. Many people just love to leave messages in the social networks, informing everyone that "I'm on vacation", "will be back next week," etc., thus giving the green light to uninvited guests. Try not to dwell on the fact that you are leaving. If you do not want to become robbers’ prey, make sure your house doesn’t look abandoned. For example, ask your neighbours to collect mail from mailbox or to visit your house once in awhile to make sure everything is fine.

7. Before you leave, try to complete all financial affairs. Pay all bills and deal with debts. A call from your banker might easily spoil your relaxed mood. Besides, you’ll hardly be able to solve the problem from abroad and will be stressing out for the rest of your holidays.

8. If you are planning a long term stay abroad, it is worth recalculating the public utilities. Why would you pay for water and gas and other utilities if you don’t use them for a month or even more? Don’t forget to do in advance as the closer you get to the departure date, the bigger is your to-do list and less time to finish all the arrangements.

9. Arrange a massive laundry. Wash all your dirty clothes, even if you don’t plan to take it with you. Thus you will protect your home from excess dirt and rid yourself from this unpleasant work upon arrival.

10. Clean the house. It’s always a pleasure to return to a clean home while clutter and dust might drastically spoil your mood. Upon arrival we all need some time to slowly get back to reality and a huge list of household chores is not very helpful…

11. Leave the keys to your apartment to someone from the family. Anything can happen while you are enjoying your trip: flood, fire etc. And if no one will have access to your house, the situation might get difficult.

12. Leave your contact phone and the address of your hotel to friends and relatives, so that they could reach you any time, if needed.

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