Traveling to Singapore soon, should I be worried?

Traveling to Singapore soon, should I be worried?

Traveling to Singapore soon, should I be worried?

My wife is originally from Singapore but has not been home in over two decades. We are planning on visiting her family there. But I'm somewhat worried about terrorists and crime. Do you know if there is much going on there right now to be worried about?




It would be irresponsible of me to give you advice on whether you should feel safe or not while you are in Singapore.

The best I can do is point you here. You will see that according to our government, the authorities there are very tough on crime and "The crime rate in Singapore is generally low. Even so, you should exercise caution when in congested areas and pay particular attention to personal belongings while in crowded markets, at the airport, and while traveling on public transportation."

It does say in regards to terrorism, that westerners should exercise caution and be vigilant of their surroundings. But this could very well be the case in almost any country you visit now in the post 9/11 world.

For US citizens: You do not need a visa to travel to Singapore if you are staying less than 90 days.

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