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usa passport renewal application forms and requirementsStep by step guide on the USA passport renewal application and requirements for 2012. Share and read travel reviews from other travelers.

Follow along to get an easy understanding of the travel documents needed to renew your passport. Check the FAQ section to read what past visitors have to say or ask your own question.

Luckily, renewing a passport is much easier than getting one your first time. Make sure though that it either expires within a year or if it is expired already, it should have been issued 15 years ago or less. It needs to be reasonably good condition as well.

US Passport Renewal Application Form

To start off, click here which will take you to the US Dept. of State's Travel site. It is a secure online form that you will need to fully complete. It will prompt you to input your name, date of birth, social security number and other personal information.

While you are filling out the online DS-82, you will be given the chose to expedite or just do normal processing. If you need your USA passport renewal application processed as soon as possible, hire one of the passport expedite services below. They are registered with the US Department of State's Passport Agency to provide express service. They will be able to help you much faster than US mail.

After completing the application, click the "Create Form" button or you might accidentally lose all the information you just put in. Once the form is created, you can print it out and also remember to put your signature on the application.

2012 Renew Passport Requirements

The following requirements will need to accompany your completed USA passport renewal application. It is pretty easy to get everything together. But make sure not to miss any small details as that could end up delaying the processing.

  • Your expired or soon to be expired passport needs to be submitted. Make sure it is in good condition and not damaged. If it is damaged, see our guidelines to replace a damaged passport. It also should have been issued less than 15 years ago.
  • Even though it is a passport renewal, you will stay have to submit a recent passport-style photograph. You can get a professional quality one at Walgreens, FedEx Office or the Post Office.

  • The US Department of State has a $110 fee that is payable by your own personal check. If you selected expedite service while filling out the application then it will be $170 instead. Contact one of the passport expedite services below if you need your passport in less than two weeks.

Travel Passport Expedite Services

There are numerous passport expedite services available. Take some time to read reviews to make sure you are hiring a reputable company to handle your travel documents.

I recommend FastPort Passport Service. Since 2003 Fastport has provided online passport expedite service. They are a registered courier service with the U.S. Department of State, foreign consulates and embassies which enables them to secure passports and visas for U.S. citizens nationwide as needed.

Do you need a Rush passport within 24 hours? Fastest Passport Processors on the Net!

FAQ About Renewing Passport

My passport expires in less than a year, should I renew it now? It is a good idea to complete and submit the USA passport renewal application within 9-12 months remaining before expiration. Most countries have rules about how much validity needs to be remaining on your passport before visiting. Some countries want at least six months left Before your entry and other countries want six months validity left After your trip is over.

How long do I have to apply for a USA passport renewal? It is OK if your passport has been expired for some time as long as it was issued under 15 years ago. The passport also cannot be damaged.

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