Which State Does She Want To Go To? Alaska…

Out of all the 50 US States, Alaska is probably the most likely to be completely disregarded by tourists looking to experience the American way of life. The typical complaint of ‘well, there’s not really anything there apart from moose, and they’re not exactly renowned for their conversational skills’, underscores Alaska’s reputation as an empty wilderness bereft of interest and excitement.

In reality however, Alaska offers visitors a quite fantastic array of opportunities and activities to suite all tastes. Whether you’re after a chance to meet new people on action-packed single holidays full of exercise and excitement, a chance to get up close and personal with an amazing array of wildlife with the family, or simply some time and space away from the hectic pace of modern life, Alaska is a fantastic holiday destination. With this in mind, here are 5 great reasons to head off on a magical trip to the land of the midnight sun.

Glacier Bay
Glacier Bay was first discovered in 1794, and is home to not one but sixteen beautiful glaciers. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, visitors to the bay can marvel at half-solid rivers of ice cascading over mountain cliffs into the clear blue waters below, and huge chunks of ice crashing into the water as they melt. The scale of the glaciers and accompanying lakes is breath-taking, and whether you’re looking to do some serious exploring, or just want to stand back and take in the grandeur of the scenery, you’re sure to be blown away by the experience.

Amazing Adventure Activities
Alaska may have a reputation for quiet serenity but all that natural beauty also provides the perfect playground for those looking for some seriously exciting activities. Whether it’s hiking through majestic forests, climbing up immense rock-faces, speeding over rugged terrain on a mountain bike or crashing through the icy waters on a raft, there are loads of options for those on adventure tours. You can even combine these adrenaline-inducing activities with the opportunity to get up close with Alaska’s animal population, with a husky-powered sled ride, or a canoe trip to see marine life up close.

Denali National Park
With so much natural beauty in Alaska, it’s no wonder visitors are likely to come across a National Park or two on their stay. Denali National Park houses an amazing 6 million acre landscape of dense forests, sparse, otherworldly tundra, imposing glacier, fascinating rock formations and deep snow. At its heart sits Denali Mountain, rising some 20,355ft in the air and dominating the landscape for miles around. The mountain is the tallest peak in North America and is actually taller than Everest when measured from its base to its peak.

Incredible Wildlife
Alaska is home to a hugely diverse range of wildlife both large and small. Alaska’s coastal waters are home to beluga whales, humpback whales, seals puffins and approximately 90% of the world’s sea otters. On land, visitors may well catch a glimpse of both black and brown bears with around 30,000 thought to be living in Alaska. One of the most amazing sights in the whole state is watching grizzly bears fishing salmon out of streams in the MacNeil River Sanctuary, and a restricted number of visitors can witness this amazing event through a raffle system run every year. There are also numerous caribou, mountain goats, bison, dall sheep, bald eagles, 445 species of bird and, of course, moose.

The Northern Lights
Seeing the Northern Lights is a once in a lifetime experience (for most people), but it’s actually quite common in parts of Alaska, so what are you waiting for! Fairbanks in Alaska is a particularly good spot to see the lights (their visitors bureau estimates an 80% chance of seeing them if you stay for 3 nights) and they are at their most active around the time of the spring and autumn equinox. The lights themselves are an incredible experience as curtains of light drape themselves across the sky in brilliant hues of bright red, green, violet and blue. The chance to see such an amazing natural phenomenon may not come around that often, but taking a holiday to Alaska can give you a perfect opportunity to see one of the most amazing experiences known to man.

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