Will be staying with friends in Shanghai, what do I need to prove for China visa?

by Olivia

China Visa Consulate Question

China Visa Consulate Question

I will be traveling later this year to Shanghai to visit as a tourist. I know a family that live there and they invited me to stay with them. But they told me that I would have to let the China Embassy know or else there may be complications.

What do I officially need to tell the Embassy or what do I need to submit? I have the China visa application and the requirements but it's unclear what exactly they need since I'm staying with a family there.


Hi Olivia,

The Chinese Consulate is usually quite picky and strict about following all requirements without any mistakes. Since you are staying with people who live there, you will need to submit letters to the China Consulate.

You should prepare two different letters to avoid any problems when applying for your china visa. The first letter should be addressed to the consulate that is in your jurisdiction. It should be from you and provide your travel dates, the visa you are applying for and how you know the family.

The second letter is from the family you know addressed to the Consulate in your jurisdiction. They need to list their address and phone number. Also they need to state that you will be staying with them and list the dates.

Both letters should have signatures as well.

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